Best Study Tips to Medical Entrance Examination

Best Study Tips to Medical Entrance Examination

  • by Axent Academy

Medical Entrance exam remains one of the toughest and complex exam to crack comparing all other competitive exams. As it requires immense concentration and strategically preparation methods to thoroughly grasp both the theoretical and practical aspect the subject revolves.

The government of India has introduced a new requirement format to streamline the process of admitting MBBS/BDS students across the country. NEET enables aspirants with the best score to undertake UG and PG MBBS/BDS programs in colleges across the country with a ranking basis.

In order to tackle the hefty competition created by the NEET, the aspirants should follow a strict pattern of hard work and perseverance to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some tips that each NEET exam aspirants should follow to emerge successfully.


Analyzing the syllabus and scheduling the preparation time involves as the most important task that an aspirant should proceed constantly till the day of examination.

Plan a study routine in advance, allocating time for each subject on the basis week, day and month. This will help one to systematically concentrate on each subject instead of disturbing your flow on juggling between different topics.

Regular Practice:

Since the aspirants can get a familiar idea about the syllabus from their previous classes it’s important that they go through sample papers and model question papers to make sure of the quirks involved in the question papers. Regular practice will make an aspirant be more familiar with the subjects and help to quickly interpret in solving the questions.

Attempting mock tests or solving model question papers can deliver the idea about the topics, the standard expected and the skills required. Tackle the problems first with convincing methods and once you become familiar with the syllabus you can enhance shortcut methods to improve the speed. Enrolling in a well- recognized medical Entrance Coaching will increase your practice experience.

Study Smart Not Hard:

With well-structured and organized planning students can exhibit their full potential in preparations. As there are many students work hard in studying and still manage to pull out only average marks while there are students invest less than half the time than others in studying and come out with outstanding results, it’s because the preparation methods vary from each individual. Engage yourself smartly to deliver the best outcome.


As it is a prolonged hard work, the aspirant should be motivated mentally throughout the progress. Believing in the own effort is a key strategy to achieve success. NEET is a platform for the battle of minds in which each participants should remember all battles are first won in the mind and then in reality.

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